welcome in 2007

6293 days ago

ah .. such a long time since a real update. sorry, work kept me busy and i somehow lost interest in telling the world that .. well .. nothing really happend. so, let get some news together:

i didnt mention it but i was on two tool concerts in 2006: one in berlin and one in leipzig. the latter was much better, the first one was much more of a quickshot. mastodon, the opener: heavy. maynard playing bowling on the stage while singing thru his gasmask … disturbing :). music: toolish as tool can get. nifty lasershow, toolish videos … what else should i say?

well, the googlers at code.google.com did it and are now using svn 1.4 .. which means i could use svnsync to replicate my local version history of alock towards to google. and now its there, public svn access to alock code. check out.

ciaranm pushes people to release proper .. well .. release :) but somehow i am just not sure how to give numbers to software in way that the number would reflect something. i am more the fan of “use svn-current” .. and it even has a revision number for those number fetishists among you.

hansmi kindly made an ebuild for gentoo, its even in portage now. just emerge alock and there you go.

around 2 weeks ago i got my hands on a fujitsu lifebook. i put freebsd on it and it just works great. a slim fluxbox and some good info about how to get those evil multimediacrap running and voila: neat.

back in the days i went to school we had a little router/fileserver. ‘phoenix’ ran under linux, obsd and fbsd. it survived several hardware changes and it served very well for a long long time. 10 days ago the daemonguys and girls relased freebsd6.2 and i used the excellent script of colin percival … the whole upgrade-process was absolutly painless … but in a way pretty useless since i dont use ‘phoenix’ anymore :)

when i moved into my own appartment there was no need for such a machine anymore and so i bought an asus wl500deluxe a while ago (i made this ‘project garm’). since i b0rked it i had to buy a new one. a week a go i put freewrt onto it. i wouldnt buy that model again, because the flashable ram is just to small :) i had to put an usb-stick into it to get some free space for stuff i wanted onto that “box”. but except from that it works pretty good. next step would be to buy a good wlan-adapter for my laptop (recommendations welcome, it must be supported by freebsd without any kind of blob-drivers) and then fire up wlan here to end this cable-hell. i ll take some pictures of ‘garm’ and publish them.

a thing i miss on garm is pf … i ll never get used to iptables :)

i got a new mobile .. and now they bring the iphone. damnit :) well, i am pretty happy with it. it got a big display, looks like a normal fone (and not like a brick), it doesnt try to be something else (a mp3player) and thus it doesnt fail it trying. but its pretty good with google maps and a little gps-receiver .. hehe. damn geeks, being happy at such silly stuff :)

guildwars is an absolut timekiller. i can tell you that. and so is “gran turismo 4” .. and i hate those fucking superlicenses :)

bah, i think thats all for now :)



6425 days ago

i updated the projects site a bit to point to the new developer-site. i am hosting alock now at google-hosting, at least the issue-tracking is handled by google right now. as soon as google is offering importing of “svn dumps” i ll make my svn repository public. btw, the 1.4er release of svn rox :)


tooltime ...

6435 days ago

hehe, not what you might think. i .. well .. lets face it .. i fucked up the asus wl500g-deluxe. wanted to set a different ip and woha, there it went :) at least i have a name for it, i ll call the little thingy garm and it has already a place in the www already: project garm. i have now to tinker a serial cable for minicom out of an usb-cable. heck, i suck big time tinkering in general. i ll keep you informed…



6435 days ago

i made a new section, available via the menu. just for those of you who didnt notice yet. i am not quite sure yet how to publish some of my “footage” i shot with the eos300d… i have some of them here and others over there. i really dont know yet.


daemonize the world

6435 days ago

buddy of mine (yeah, his site definitivly sux big time, but he showed me this) taught me a little bit about djb’s way to do handle the daemons of the underworld. i tried it first on my little phoenix under freebsd and later on the vhost which is running darkshed and climbing-art.de (ah, yeah, i am hosting the site of the guy behind this now) and saw4ever (the clan of lumberjack, also on the vhost .. he is the admin there :).

so, lighty is now running under the strict control of supervise. even further i hacked together a little something to control teamspeak (which is essential for the clan-guys). never downtime of again :) yeah. maybe i ll write al ittle howto about the teamspeak/daemontools one day since its a bit tricky and someone else wants to know it, dunno yet.


new and shiney news

6447 days ago

ok, long time no update here. several reasons. first, i prepared to move to a new appartment. second, i moved to the new appartment, and last: i finished moving but then the damn appartment has to be filled with something. heavy ikeaing. and those of you who moved once know, that there are a lot of people who want to know where you are living now. which means a lot of running from one authority to the next and so on.

since yesterday i have dsl @ home again. pretty happy. next thing is to buy an asus wl500g deluxe and replace my current router/server to save lots of energy. i plan to put freewrt on it. i hope someday i ll run a bsd on it, i just love *bsd for my routers :)

happyness about the connection to the world didnt last very long. when arriving home i stumbled upon some problems with my root partition. somehow the xfs got a little bit crazy in the head and went nuts. neither xfs_repair nor xfsdump worked. last resort was to tar the stuff together and dump it onather partion, wipe the old partition and untar the content back. phew, that worked. the ones among you who survived thing once already know how i felt last evening.

more soonish, i hope. cheers and have fun.



6497 days ago

while playing around with the new setup i took a little look onto the logfiles for darkshed.net ... well, it was obvious that someone had real interest in some of my images, especially one. so i checked and found to my surprise (well, call me naive if you want) some folks (mostly from myspace.com) hotlinking to my images. the one image in question is around 130k. it was downloaded around 2000 times since we moved to the new host. do the math. my traffic. not funny.

so i made a little pic which our webserver redirects to when someone from external is refering to my images directly. dont get me wrong, if you want to use the content of my page, feel free to inform me about and ask for permission, most of the time i am more than happy to provide you with something you need to feel better. but dont use my bandwith without even telling me.

regards, ak



host changes

6500 days ago

sorry for the little inconvience over the last days … we moved all data from one to another host and changed from apache to lighttpd. i hope we didnt leave some bits and bytes on the old box, coz if we did … well, now they are in the big empty hole which is called ”/dev/null” :)

well, lets hope for the best and that germany wins the wc2006 :)


its done ...

6564 days ago

5 years of waiting .. over. i took a little break from work and biked straight to the hot rats, my fav record store on this planet. and there bought it .. great stuff … almost shit the bed .. har. ah, did i forgot to tell what i bought there. well .. the new tool album of coz, 10,000 Days. isnt that obvious?

i ll report .. later .. in .. whenever, busy now listening…



what to do on a sunny sunday?

6589 days ago

i dont know what you are doing on sundays but i thought it would be a good idea to take a little .. run. so i went to berlin this weekend and took part (with 16k other boys and girls) in the halfmarathon. i am looking forward to get the pictures from crossing the finishing line soonish, since it was kind of “fluxbox on the road”. i gladly made it in 2:03:49, hoping to improve that a little bit next time, my results are here.



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